About Us

Sick Designz is a family-owned business founded in 2017 with the dream of giving back to the South Bay community by offering unique creations that resonate with those looking for something truly their own. In our world, “Sick” signifies something exquisite, capturing the essence of a vision or activity. Every one of our designs embodies this spirit.

We proudly serve the South Bay area, including PV, Torrance, Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan, and El Segundo, but our products are available to anyone who appreciates our style.

As the MystSick says, “Our designs are sick. They’re meant for anyone… anyone ready to be infused with style from beyond the mortal realm.”

About the Artwork

Intergalacsick is our flagship design and logo. When people see you wearing this image they say “Sick!”

Burning Eyes will make your friend’s eyes burn with envy.

Earth Dayz will help you to make a statement to those who get it and will also just look sick for those who don’t.

Do you have a design that you think fits our vibe? Contact us and let’s see if we can get your design out there for the world to see.

About the Artists

Reese Miramar – A satirical guerilla-style artist, technologist, and entrepreneur.

Duncan Pickett – A uniquely prolific and diverse artist, dedicated to generating designs that fit the South Bay feel.

Collin Pruitt – Creator of Earth Daze, one of our most popular designz.

Cool places and things here in the South Bay

Pedone’s Pizza – Delivers pizza to the top of the ramp near Torrance Beach

Rat Beach – Our headquarters (spiritually) is here. Locals know where this is.

Riviera Village – Nearby shops and restaurants.

Phanny’s – Breakfast burritos.. Locals only, dude.

El Burrito Junior – Authentic Mexican food, walking distance from the beach.